Everyone thinks that driving on a country road is relaxing...
after playing FarmRide you will change your mind!

Pick up flowers that will appear along the way to finish levels. Beware to rocks, turtles, chickens, chicks, sheep, frogs and cows to avoid damaging your car!
Watch out to the pigs: they will try to hit you! Avoid falling into the rivers!
To earn more points as possible, try to pick the flowers in order to form groups of the same color: it will greatly increase your score and you will accumulate points that can be used to improve your car with powerups. With no Powerups, you will not go far!

Each level will be increasingly difficult !
Will you make it to the end ??



Where can I find FarmRide ?
FarmRide is Available only on App Store.

What are the controls of the game ?
You can move the car rotating the iPhone (in this case FarmRide will use the gyro-accelerometer) or touching the screen (in this case thouching the screen on the right will move the car to the right and vice versa). You can select your preferred control type in Options.

How to clear levels.
To clear a level, you must gather flowers for a total of 7 multiplied for level number. For example to end level 4 you have to collect 28 flowers.

How many levels are in FarmRide ?
There are 9 levels with increasing difficulty. At each level, you will find a new obstacle. To clear higher levels more easily, you can upgrade your car with Powerups.

What is apples and stars function ?
Collecting 5 stars you will become temporarily invulnerable to all obstacles. While you're invulnerable every obstacle you hit will increase your health and your score. But be careful, you are never invulnerable to rivers.
Apples make you recover some of the damage.

Utility of Powerups
There are 4 types of Powerups, each one with 3 levels:
  • Increasing the impact resistance to stones, turtles, chickens and frogs.
  • Prolonging invulnerability time
  • Increasing the impact resistance to sheep, cows and pigs.
  • Enhancing the headlights (useful only for the last 2 levels).
Every time you play FarmRide, points you made will be accumulated and you can use them for powerups.