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Why depot ?

I know that you always carry your iPhone or iPad, a powerful device full of memory but... can you really use all that memory?
Or do you need to use a USB memory for storing your data and contact your system administrator for sharing a file with your colleagues ?
With Depot you can archive all kinds of files on your iPhone, iPod or iPad and then share them on a local WiFi network
In Depot not only you can receive files from other applications that supports document interaction (as Mail or Safari), but you can also download and upload files from any kind of PC and internet enabled devices.
You can then open your files directly on your device or share them between other devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles and smart TVs connected through a local WiFi.

Moreover, to easily share your files and photos all over the world(*)
just activate the Web Sharing function on your Depot App and make your friends login to

(*) Restrictions apply


Everyone thinks that driving on a country road is relaxing... after playing FarmRide you will change your mind!

Pick up flowers that will appear along the way to finish levels. Beware to rocks, turtles, chickens, chicks, sheep, frogs and cows to avoid damaging your car!

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If you have to cook many dishes at the same time,
this timer is right for you!

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